D-Lightsys’ mission is to provide the most demanding industries with compliant optical interconnect solutions.


Company Overview

D-Lightsys, a Radiall Company, designs and manufactures high performance optical interconnect solutions for severe environment applications. In particular, D-Lightsys offer products and know-how fitting the requirements of avionics, space, transports, defense and scientific industries.
D-Lightsys can also design and realize specific products (communication boards, technology demonstrators…) for its customers using COTS components in conjunction with its proprietary technologies.

D-Lightsys’ products are based on state-of-the art optoelectronic components. In particular, D-Lightsys transmitters are based on highly reliable 850nm Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Lasers.
D-Lightsys products offer one of the world smallest mechanical integration, an optical connectics optimized for the application and an extremely low power consumption.

D-Lightsys was created at the end of year 2002 and is present worldwide thanks to Radiall facilities, Comercial entities and reps. D-Lightsys headquarters' are located in Rosny Sous Bois, near Paris, France.

Product manufacturing is done in France, near the Lyon region.


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